Web Context

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In the Web Context project I have explored different ways of interacting with the web. This has been through api’s as well as twitter bots and editable pre-made softwares. The first piece I created was a bot fusing a very contrasting selection of twitter pages. These came from Donald Trump, Andy Murray, Steam, Lego, Playstation and the UN’s page. This creates a dark and often nonsensical, but sometimes surprisingly insightful twitter feed: Twitter Bot Page Link

The Next piece I used to experiment with web was using an pre-made code entry system to generate Day Cycle Via Emojis  This taught me somewhat about ordering properties and working within an existing framework which could be useful for future development on web related projects. I also decided that I want to make something quite visual for this project. This lead me to look at different sources or systems I could use to make some form of visual experience for the web.

Here this video displays the visual output of the Emoji code along side the code I input into it to create the visuals you see which are dictated by mouse input.

After this experimentation, I began to look at the A-frame which only came out of beta a few months ago. It is intended for VR on the web but also supplies a very easy to use online workspace to create 3D interactive spaces in a similar fashion to that of unity or unreal in their own regions. However the processing power required for a frame seems to be very well optimised allowing for some very intriguing graphics to be purposed and fit into a world without to much difficulty. Above you can see a small universe like space I created with one central focus comprising of semi transparent objects within one another.

Here I have scanned my flat and drew into a frame. This allows it to be interacted with as a virtual space for a user. I like the low poly aesthetic of this and think It has the potential to be expanded with further scans into a much larger space for the user.

This is a video which has been wrapped around a sphere. I think the fact the sphere can be entered and exited directly without appearing to go through any walls is really intriguing and seems to warp the ideas that the virtual space is something physical.