During the soundscapes project we were tasked to create a one minute audio piece which would include audio we recorded, music and possibly found footage. I wanted to take a form of comical stance on the things both Kanye West and George Bush said to one another. I attempted to create a form of lapse in time where they are talking to each other indirectly but also in a confused sense where they at points almost seem to be replying to one another.

Above I have shown the main source of inspiration for the whole piece.

Here is the audio piece in its first revision. It is only edited to some degree with the audio not matching up perfectly.

The audio tracked used within is a song by Kanye West about growing stronger from failures and setbacks. I felt that this tied in really well due to the nature of the audio clips I chose to use.

Here is the final version where I included some visuals which I generated in some attempt to create more atmosphere. I feel I like how the piece turned out although I would have liked to have more editing time so that the actual things that both people say were altered on a closer level rather than just together.