Product Design Collaboration

In the product design collaboration we came into the project at the 2 week point of a 4 week project and the product students gave to us proposals of what they intended to make.  We then gave them our input on the ideas and either used theirs or decided upon something else, developing a prototype for this idea along with a video demonstrating how it would work.

Here is the presentation for the entire project detailing the inception and development throughout the four weeks. I feel that the collaborative aspect of this project was the most interesting part and the part from which I gained the most useful experience from. I think that there was a lot of confrontation and disagreement within the project as with any collaboration however, this lead to a greater design in the end due to the combined input of many people.

Here is the initial test video which I created for the hologram which would be on the arm of the user as they moved around the mall. I felt that this was a significant factor in the group deciding to go with the idea as they didn’t believe that I could actually generate the image to effectively display the concept.

Bamboo WristbandMetal WristbandScreen Shot 2017-03-13 at 18.38.05

Above are several of the CAD renderings I generated for the wristband for the project. We intended to 3D print these for prototyping purposes but due to time constraints in the end this didn’t end up happening. I feel this was one of the major flaws with our groups work ethic as we seemed to have minimal time planning leading to rushed work.

Scan 1

Here was the map which was original used by the mall which I scanned from a leaflet and the edited out the paper qualities and creases as well as trying to simply some of the unneeded graphics.

The final film which we created for the presentation is shown here. It uses after effects motion tracking as well as chroma keying to create the visuals simulating an interactive digital experience.