Non-Linear Narrative

For the start of this project I again tried to visually identify what Non-Linear Narrative mean’t to me. The above images are the better ones of those outcomes. I feel that using this starting visualisation allows the project to quickly gain grip and ideas to flow quicker meaning that you can decide an outcome with more speed and certainty.

After this I decided I would attempt to make this into a film which I would make a single path but which leaves room and presents potential turning points from which the viewer could change at if the piece was made more interactive. The bellow video is that attempt.

After this the next stage would be to use this and create additional branches from it which can be gone down via interaction with the film piece. I don’t want to create an obvious narrative where your clearly choosing a path. Instead I want a cryptic film where you may not be entirely sure of your input and how it effecting what is occurring but somehow feel some form of connection between what you are doing and how the film is progressing. I like the idea of there being very little instruction and no real end or beginning.

After watching both Memento and Arrival I feel that I have a strong grasp of how to create a none linear film in a format which usually revolved entirely around telling a story in one of the most linear ways. Usually a good idea is to not start at the beginning chronological and instead weave around in a fashion which is unrelated to time itself.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 00.19.27.png

Here you can see an example of one of the stages and paths from the interactive film piece I am starting to generate. I decided to use colour panels which seem to indicate some form of link to the film playing in the top left portion of the screen. I chose this as the first stage purely because it strongly portrays and puts across this concept to the viewer.


During the Process of creating this final idea, I also had the idea to create a short film involving the sink and tainted liquid which was due to one of the cards within my piece being centred around this area and it even ended up featuring minority within my main piece as a short clip.