Media Artist Toolkit

During the second week of the Interaction Design course we completed a project called the Media Artist Toolkit which revolved around creating a media source in pairs for the other member of the course to use. The topic which I was given was based around using video but the topics were are follows:screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-20-30-09

We focused on a variety of topics at the start, deciding what was important in the video format, generally staying clear of things which verged on the other topics within the site. the list of topics which we chose are:

We thought that explaining these topics would give people who wanted to view the page a general overview of the relevant information as well as allowing them to understand the basics of video giving them a chance to research further depending on what they wanted to know.

Bellow, the HTML for the site can be seen. I used this so that I could make all the pictures the exact same width as the videos giving the whole site a generally neat appearance.

I feel this project was once again a good icebreaker allowing better teamwork skills. I also found that there was more to video than I already knew and this website gave me a good opportunity to explore video as a format, which I was already interested in and learn more detailed things about it.