Hello World

Here are some of the images which I took and used in the final piece for the hello world project. They are all of graphic imagery or logos which stood out to me in the Ibrox area. These were used in the final film by layering them up and because they are so graphic and the symbols are obvious they could still be distinguished with all the layers building up.

This is the final film we ended up creating as part of the group work for the Hello World Project. It really is a compilation of the source material and data that we collected and then overlaid together.

The scrolling letters overlay is the first image we took at Buchanan street station opened as a text file rather than as an image. The film comes across as a little hectic because all the elements and confusion of bringing new people into the group who had been working on different projects meant that this is what the reality of the situation was. Therefore we decided that the final piece would reflect this. There is images of all the stations that we went to in a 3D maps program panning around. This was to show the cross over and re-evalution our group had to go through with all these ideas coming together into one.

There is also the audio track which is background noise from Buchanan station which once again goes back to our rule we were given.

This is the first project I took part in on the Interaction Design course. The project revolved around us making rules for ourselves then giving those to another group who had to make experimental work based on that rule. Here was our final presentation for that project

Hello World Presentation