Living Walls

During the Living Walls project I decided to focus upon trying to make a stairway which would change colour as a user walked up and down the stairwell within the Barnes building. I did this because I was focusing upon the idea that the Barnes used to be a hospital for children and how colour and sound could be used to make the space more vibrant and in my opinion, exiting for children. I used the bellow video of fish which I had drawn, along with overlaying colour on the steps in order to produce this outcome.

I had to use 2 laptops due to cable distance with syphoner and screen sharing between them in order to send the projection mapping the full distance without any cable. I also had to angle a webcam in position in order to try to make the colour change to the intended degree. I feel the fact the colour change and the steps aren’t linked one to one makes the visual less reactive, possible providing more intrigue to children and making the time they engage for longer and more insightful.

I feel that this whole piece was inspired by the course visit to the Sensatronic Lab’s sound dome The work was mainly intended to engage those with mental impairments, specifically youth. I also think that my piece focused on both sound as visuals as theirs did, however I think as with the dome, it was slightly intense and could be something which was only switched on at certain time as a very engaging activity for people to engage with.