Hello World


The idea behind our project for Hello World was to chose a location and as a group all go and record the location differently. Above you can see several drawings I drew inspired from our theme of flowing spaces and our location. The paths each of group took are shown bellow:


The main drawing I did was based of the concept of abstracting street signs. I chose the theme of patterns from the beginning selection we were given.

Here you can see this drawing overlaid on top of photographs I also took at the location. We chose a 1km radius around George Square in Glasgow so I decided I would simply follow street sign commands passively and record every single one. I then compiled these into a flashing series of images with these drawings overlaid on top in an attempt to show how to a foreign species, these signs would have almost no meaning. However as we grow up around them in a society based on signs, we passively understand them and interact with them, at many times without even realising it.

When we brought our source material back together, we realised that much of our findings resulted in the same outcome which was that flow required a structure to survive and without structure, chaos ensued. I think this is due to the human condition of always striving for purpose so tranquility comes through order and passive system.