Once we got the dimensional perspective project to create a 30 second animation in a 100x100x100 cube space I thought of a previous animation I had created shown above. I decided I wanted to create something similar with the concept of morphing but rather than focusing on perspective to hide morphs, I wanted to have them occur in plain sight.

The first thing I did was test creating objects in mud-box as well as bringing an obj scan in of my torso. Both of these were successful with animated lights and allowed me to gain a better understanding of what I could possibly achieve and therefore what I could make for the final video.

Here is a test I did working on using reflections and ambient lighting on objects. I felt that having the objects connected and almost absorbed into one another would look good however after making it I realised this was probably a mistake. This was due to overexposure and to much light leading to bleached out animation. I then decided I would retry creating this. On the second attempt, I reduced the size of the glowing objects which lead to a much more balanced and aesthetically pleasing image. This will help me in actually making the final 30 second animation.

I think I want to form some kind of orbital system within my final animation using a similar style in the animation to the clip above, however I feel that I want a looping film and also to look at scale in some form within it.

Looking at cell shading and other forms of shaders within maya may be my next stage in this process before I look to generate the final sequence.

Here I rendered the same animation again but at much higher setting which took around 6 hours for just 120 frames. However the quality difference it very noticeable and made me realise how important quality balance between render time and quality really is.

Here I began to test morph shapes and how you can shift from one to another using vertexes and the blend shape function within maya. With lighting and rotation, I can foresee how this could be used in my final film to create some really intriguing visuals for the viewer.

This is an older animation based on the same geometric shape I created. I want to do something of a similar concept potentially however I feel that using actually 3D animation rather than drawing out on a 2D plane could create much nicer visuals due to lighting.

Here I tried to 3D scan my flat using skanect. I did this because the whole piece is about myself and emotions. Therefore I wanted to consider the idea that potentially the place I live in could tie to into this as well as bellow having me spiralling and morphing. I did this thinking I could have me morph into people I know well who impact my emotional state on a regular basis.

After generating these spirals and the spinning shape I have a much greater idea of what I actually want to generate. I decided to generate some concept imagery and a short film using this just to get the general idea flowing before moving on to making that actual 30 seconds animation.


From this stage I will move on to creating the final animation which will draw ideas from these clips I have generate to test out concepts both in for the purpose of meaning of the clip and for aesthetic testing.

Here is shown the final piece I created which attempts to show a computer generating an emotional concept. Within my work I feel that I enjoy focusing on abstract concepts and how I can represent them within reality. Here at the end of the animation, it loops back to the beginning because the computer cannot handle the complexity of the generated image.

The representation of the emotion is shown beginning in a physical version of me as scan form. This turns into the geometric I often use as a visualisation of emotion. Then this implodes and expands as a 3D scan version of why flat which is slightly low poly and deformed which seems to represent our interpretation of the outside world and how it has impact upon our mental state and thought processes.