Design Domain Pt.1

The project began with a series of talks at which I took personal notes as shown above detailing to myself information and points given as well as potential source material usage. I included image to visually recall to myself as I find this makes me understand correlations within the notes and ideas they present more clearly.


At the start of this project, since there is extremely varied scope within the idea of Transform as a topic, I decided to look at the suggest subtopics within this as shown above and try to first visualise these in diagram which I would attempt to create in processing as interactive coded formats. I tried to take the ideas literally at first and then I will move onto more abstract interpretations of the words and ideas.

IMG_1018 copy.jpg

The second piece here was taking the idea of using a test sheet for other diagrams using graphic marker pens and transforming it into a piece itself giving it new purpose. This was achieved via the addition of black lines and patterns added to the block colours to give the idea that each colour or shape somehow represents something different within the image plays some significance.

tumblr_lxt2wsEUJy1qlef4ro1_1280.jpgEl Lissitzky – Beat The Whites With The Red Wedge!  (1919)

Inspiration for the above idea came from this piece because it uses very simplistic shapes to create an idea of war and confrontation and even when you look at the image you see this without being told the meaning and symbolism of the shapes within.

Here you can see the processing code versions of each of the initial starting point ideas. They are all interactive and I made them in attempt to give me ideas and a starting point from which I could move forward thinking of which might have more potential. I think I may now try to somehow combine these ideas into 1 piece of film or code which I can then use further in the project.

After this I started looking at the election and its result as it became a reality. I was looking at the ideas of areas and boundaries that a pre arranged voting areas and how these can be abused to transform a result of a vote from something which is an obvious result into the opposite outcome.

Here you can see a view of many recent elections as well as ideal values and constant voting zones which are strongholds for each party.
The most interesting factor that I have researched however didn’t regard the currently concerned election but however revolved around the election of 2000 with George Bush winning becoming president. However he actually received less physical votes and the area system actually allowed him to win anyway basically transforming the election to a more suitable outcome for him.
The fact that Bush got around 600,000 less votes than Gore in the election and then the Supreme Court intervened and stopped the vote count. With Bush only reaching 271 votes needing 270. Soon after this in 2001, the 911 attacks occurred and then America was flung into the war in Afghanistan. This has had a huge impact on the world and arguably the unprecedented reaction may have lead to the forming of many modern terrorists caused by spiteful aggression on both sides.
From this I decided to do a small amount of processing to create uniform rotating 3D shapes to represent  a group of voters and show how they can be used to generate this result in a vote where the candidate with less votes wins. I also edited this in photoshop to create a more abstract still image.
From here I decided to make a video with found footage of the Afghanistan war in the background and rotating images in the foreground to make the point that in effect, the result of this seemingly minor detail within the American politics system can have a ripple effect which may have lead to something huge which may have otherwise not occurred.


Here you can see many quick images I generated by had trying to somehow represent the idea of the butterfly effect in an abstract but still understandable visual form.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 16.46.13.png

Here you can see one of the designs made into a piece of code that reacts to hand movements through the use of the leap motion controller. Personally now that I have made this into a moving piece, I don’t feel that it represents the idea of the butterfly effect but has sparked the idea within me that having a small piece of interaction or source material via user input which is converted into something much larger on screen effecting many things creates a very strong analogy for the butterfly effect and is an avenue I wish to explore.

After creating this I decided to create a film using the same images to create a saddening and abstract personal impression of the butterfly effect but also the amazing effect that small actions can have although very hard to contrive this from the film. However when I view the film myself I see the potential and creating this below film lead me on to realise what I would create for the final piece itself.

For the final work itself I intend to use similar styled drawings sourced from other people and then compile all of these together into an animation. The first still of each series fort he animated sections will be created by me and then the subsequent images will be created by other people making their own interpretation of the original image.

Above is another mockup film I made to test out the concept for the final idea. I feel this has set in stone to me, the idea that this will work and be a successful idea. The film uses photos I took around Glasgow, replacing certain elements with the abstracted diagrams of the butterfly effect I created earlier and used for the previous film.

The mixture of many mediums coming together creates a striking image to myself and seems to me to reflect this idea of development and progress within the film which I am aiming to portray.

Here you can see 2 examples of me testing out the idea of using transformative drawings for the potential use in my final piece. As well as 2 examples of movement maps which I intended to show as top down views of a city with all the bustling movement.


Here is an another moving set of drawings I created only over 5 pages rather than just 1 as the previous 2 were. This was in a aim to step further towards the final idea and therefore include more depth and detail.

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