Augmented Sculpture


The first stages I took in the project are shown above which were to have a go with the software and make an attempt at projection mapping onto an obscure surface and see how it would function so that I could understand what I can produce within the time frame feasibly.

I know feel that I could actually produce a rather complex series of mappings as long without too many issues as long as I have a strong white model to project onto which will enhance and add to what I am actually projecting.


Here you can see the next stage of my process which was to make the actual model I would use throughout the rest of the time. I wanted to make a half version of the Geometric shape which I often use within my work to represent emotion. However this time I wanted to use a half version so that I may appear to be emerging from the wall. I did this via taking an existing net I previously used and then removing half of the tiles as shown above. I then printed 1 pentagon and hexagon on a piece of paper and used that as a stencil to make the bellow sculptural object.


Bellow you can see many instances of the projection that I did onto this shape using different methods in VPT. I wanted to first trial the whole shape as one projection but I think in the final piece, as I want several different inputs. I did trial separate trials for each face but only did it on 3 of the pentagon faces because I wanted to experiment more and decide on the final outcome exactly.


Here is a video of several of the most diverse designs I tried on the shape. I feel that they all contrast in different ways and If I was to use very different imagery on each face the contrast may be too intense and I should probably have some surfaces which are quite plain.

Bellow you can see a digital version of the projection mapping piece which uses the same processing sketch but just layered behind an alpha channeled version of the shape I created earlier. I like this idea that as I continue with this shape, the generation within it becomes more complex almost referring to the very fact that computers as a whole are becoming better and doing things humans once thought was unique to them. The purpose of this shape is to represent emotion as a computer generated process and as with most digital related things AI is only progressing more and more.

Bellow is the final series of projections I have created for this project. I decided to section off the shape into seemingly random elements in an attempt to create the idea in people’s minds that these could be ideas going through someone’s heads and that they all play different amounts of significance on our emotional state. The abstract essential theme of this piece is key to the idea because it means that people may not fully grasp the concept. I don’t want people to take the work too literally and try to read specific ideas from it because it is mean’t to be more general and overarching than that.

These images display some of the production process as well as stills from the piece itself. I used several motifs within the piece which came in the form of 3 syphoned processing sketches.

The first was a sound reactive element showing how emotion is a reaction to the outside world.

The second was a tree growing and dying showing the progression and continuation of time and life itself.

The third was a series of rotating versions of the larger shapes which reacted to finger movement through the leap motion. I chose to include this element because not only did it create brain like imagery at time which links well with the concept of emotion, but it also puts forwards the idea that any complex emotional reaction is made up of many smaller emotionally influenced thoughts.

Here is a view of how my mapping was viewed through VPT, this was done through a combination of masks, meshing and using the draw corners across 6 layers. Making the files actually save themselves so I could open and close the document was one of the biggest challenges. However this was the first thing I looked at because I knew it would be important to maintain the mapping across working sessions.

This is the final film displaying my whole project in under 2 minutes.