April 2021

Beginning this month, I am trying to expand the connections between my own ideas and find common and linking ground in order to delve deeper into my research within perception and exploration of digital spaces. I’ve been doing this through the use of Miro, which I had previously been contributing to as part of a larger board for the Design Research Works Fellowship. I really enjoyed the methods of interaction and adding to ideas and contributions from other users. As I add ideas from things I’m reading and looking at, I’m finding more connections between loosely linked concepts which are beginning to form stronger ideas.

I have also been working more on the virtual space as part of the Media Anthropology Lab at UCL. As I continue to impersonate an AI, I find myself confusing myself more and more with the space I am filling. Perhaps this is significant to the understanding AI minds may have with the world, and explains why they may not yet be defined as sentient beings.