25/11 – 01/12

Thinking further about this idea of automatic drawings, I want to take this concept into a more digital environment. I created the 3D model in line drawing form which I have shown again here from last week, as well as the 2 above images which are drawn from entirely random ideas from my brain. I want to look at how I can make a machine create automatic drawings itself. I could even use visuals from the real world and get these to make automatic drawings. These could even be in 3D form, and I could export these from processing using the OBJ export available. I really just want to take this concept of replication and use it in an automatic sense, which to me seems to represent the automatic reconstitution of digital environments on a daily basis.

I really like the visually erosive process, so using some method within processing to erode existing 3D models could also provide really inriging outputs. This slide set shown above shows the sort of results which would be really nice to achieve.

Here I have created a form of 3D object visualiser which reconstitutes objects taken from a capture feed of a section on a table. I enjoy how they are reproduced in much more abstract forms. It almost feels like some form of mental or digital realm representation of the original object. The colour is used to form the shape, but I want to make the shapes less uniform in the way they are created. Overall this process is really interesting as a form of automated animation tool. I want to see how I can push this one process, potentially creating visuals which resemble much more real objects in the same pursuit of reproducing intangibly. What we regard with our eyes is taken so literally, so removing ourselves from this very direct and obvious forms of reproduction can yield highly interesting outcomes.