21/10 – 27/10

Looking at the way my work was going. I was attempting vastly complex digital processes rather than focusing on the reasoning behind my methods. While these renders and taking 3D data from google is visually fascinating, I want to focus on the reason behind the process I chse. I was trying to create a tactile VR experience which would also have large 3D scans of the reality around us. This was to show immersion within reality of digital practice, fusing together digital and physical forms. However I think to emerge the self within digitality is for it to be part of the physical world. Perhaps focusing more on non abrasive formats which don’t overbear the user should be more my direction from here. I want to focus on making some experiments which draw the user into simple digital reactive processes without overbearing interfaces. Here are some of my notes on my new shifted direction of workflow.

Replace a gallery with images of things which are image to text and text time imaged back

Digital space breaks down hierarchies, limiting power. Mimicking real world just enough to be tangible.

Hall chairs quiet uncomfortable to be positioned in the hallway so lower class people wouldn’t be tempted to stay too long.

Record human data from a moment. Visual smell and sound, thought? Touch? “Touch daft punk.”

Uncanny Valley with Objects which confuse us but computer sees as a specific object.

Creating an intangible experience as an installation with VR in the dark & physical objects. (Why is this interesting, because it feels like a dream?)

Using VR to see senses in new ways.

3D file organised structure SGI Fusion silicone (FSV) Jurassic Park.

Low and Behold Ted Nelson

Smart objects which are self aware, sentience in non sentient appearance.

Taking digitally into the real world rather than immersing within it.

Sound from my favourite objects. worrydream.com (the future of interaction design essay).

Pump out a whole bunch of none screen based experiences.

SHRDLU computer experiment. (Early version of runway style recognition).

Drawing up these sketches, I am beginning to think about how we can interface physically with the aid of technology and how this reproduces what we normally do without digital aid. The song touch by daft punk has the line ‘touch, sweet touch, you’ve almost convinced me im real.’ This sentence resonates so strongly with the ideas I am generating right now. Considering what makes something feel physically real, touch is the last sense which solidifies it. Removing touch from normally every day tasks in a way, makes them feel other worldly. I think this is why I want to experiment with using touchless digital playgrounds to see how it can change our perception.