16/12 – 22/12

Rachel Whiteread’s reproductive tendencies are really fascinating to me. As an artist, many of her most famous works focus on space, using an original to subvert her artistic outcomes. Inverting what is real and through this, subverting expectations, she creates spaces which are not only unique, but based of incredibly real origins. I enjoy the negative space she fills with her ideas, and the uncanny nature of many of the images and objects created by her unorthodox approach to space. This idea of reproducted negative space is fascinating to me and could be a new avenue for me to explore within my project, especially within the realms of 3D printing and object reproduction. Taking her artworks as inspiration, I could use similar methods to what she uses, only focusing on digital methods of reproduction rather than casting which she usually uses.

Roger Hiorns piece called Seizure which I have seen at the yorkshire sculpture park is fascinating in the way it retextures space. The artists talks about the significance of the space which is being crystalised, as well as the significance of the space and objects we surround ourselves with in the world. I think this heavily links back to my exploration of known spaces to myself, as well as what makes them so unique on a personal level. I feel that because of this, I actually want to explore this personal space much more, especially in collaboration with looking at the negative space of Rachel Whiteread. This combination could yield really unique, sentimental results, in a digital reproductive form.