14/10 – 20/10

Here are a whole series of renders from the concept I had for a teapot head graphic. The idea being a human is a spout of information. I scanned the body myself finding the model online due to its wide availability. The combination through reproduction not only makes the figure anonymous, it removes the sense of identity, and through this makes it feel to be more of a universal concept.

This link goes to a channel which uses the youtube upload to erode a video by recompressing it through the youtube upload 1000 times with each upload being shown in series. The way the information is gradually lost throughout the uploads provides a really smooth and clear example of degrading visual over time.

Uncanny Valley with Objects which confuse us but computer sees as a specific object. I drew out this image to represent this concept in a similar nature to Tim White’s images which trick machine learning. The abstracted nature of these items merging together confuses visually, but also grants emotion to inanimate objects.

Here I have recreated the space of my flat as a 3D model. I am beginning to play with the way we regard digital space, and its ability to subvert that which we already understand. I feel the gap between digital and physical existence is where the malleability of digital space becomes most evident and remarkable. I want to move on somewhat from the idea of reproduction and focus more on this subversive nature of liminal space between physical and digital and how fusing the two spaces can create the most confusion for a user. I have already done similar things through bringing digital elements into physical space, but I want to reverse this more by bringing the physical into a digital environment but make it feel as real as possible.