11/11 – 17/11

I started this week by rendering out 3D CAD versions of the models I created last week. I think I wanted to visualise it to a higher quality and I also began printing the whole thing out which is the first 3D models I have created from so many varying parts. Merging these meshes and smoothing layers was essential to the crisp and uniform feel I wanted for the surface. I didn’t want the model to appear disconnected and glitchy in the same way as previous experiments as this creation was intended to be almost uncanny in its nature, resembling so many objects in the one form it possesses. Once physical generated, I feel that the objects will gain much more tangibility. I do however really like the way the renders appear within digital space.

This series of images documents the process of me printing the 3D model. During the process, the middle section became misaligned as well as the arms not printing due to misaligned supports. I liked this in some aspects due to the eroded and ancient feeling it gave off. However for this instance I really wanted to bring something which was firmly planted within my mind into reality. I cut the model apart, glueing it back together and using polyfilla to re-smooth the section where the attachment occured. I then reprinted arms for the model, super gluing those on. After smoothing out all the areas which were printed incorrectly, I feel that the model came out super well. I may want to paint and colour this in the future.

Physical -> Mental -> Physical -> Digital -> Physical

However the main realisation was that this supposed completely imaginary object which I conceived and have been looking at for quite a while came from something I have been seeing subliminally throughout my entire childhood. The last image in the series is a piece of artwork present at my home, created by one of my parents students. It has huge feet, and elongated arms, with the rest of the figure being quite subtle. I had taken this into my mind, for many years gradually building it into my subconscious thoughts. Then drawing from what felt like nothing I brought this mental image back into physicality for a moment. But unaware of this link it had to the original. This was translated into a digital 3D model on a screen which still didn’t allow me to realise it’s origins. Only after I re-created the model in physical form did its original inspiration become evident, and the facets which seem to limit space, which I talk about in great detail within my essay, for a moment appeared to be completely broken down, through the use of digital means.

Here I took the data from using the tree command the other week and decided to see how it would fit within a book format. If I created an A5 book and printed out the tree in size 11 font, there would be almost 2000 pages in the novel which is simple the titles of all the files which I would keep between each computer I use currently. These aren’t all the files on my computer, but actually the ones which I would like to keep and have materialistic value to myself. I think the fact and sheer quantity of these is actually astonishing. It represents a new form of materialistic value which I didn’t even consider before.