10/02 – 16/02

This week, I decided to focus on refining work which I have previously created in order to try and make it highly presentable for an upcoming exhibition. The main work which I have been trying to perfect in the way it works is praise the material. Using the webcam inside the plinth now, with the projector also concealed inside, the whole setup functions in a much more polished way. Because of the light exuding from below, no further lighting is needed, and much of the original colour is transferred from the object. I can further improve and tweak this throughout the week in order to make it entirely presentable. The video below shows it functioning extremely accurately with a feature added to allow for a prompt to appear whenever an object/colour is not detected on the table. I may add audio and more visual explosiveness to the whole thing in order to make it more of an enriched experience. The plinth could also benefit from some clean coats of paint along with potentially making a top featuring a circular hole in order to mask the projection and allow for heavier objects to be placed.

For the exhibition, in the process of planning it, I also created a series of concepts for the poster. I wanted them to be vague in theme because of the fact that we didn’t have a unanimous concept behind the exhibition, but I like the idea of jigsaw pieces as a part of a finished project which would conclude at the degree show.