06/01 – 12/01

Fake Images are an example of reproduction in modern media. People read the news to gain a sense of revelation, to be shocked. Therefore images are repurposed or altered in order to appease our need to be inspired or feel that there is injustice in the world. I think that the way the media is in our society, it is generated to serve our already existent bias and beliefs. The reproduction I am undertaking in many ways fulfills the same intent. I want to create experiences and objects positioned around the idea of reproduction that instills a sense of nostalgia.

The song Resonance by Home (above) to many creates this exact form. It intrinsically feels nostalgic even to those who have never heard it before. Which is an interesting effect in the play of dilation of time. As I was previously aiming to create objects and represent ideas beyond the 3 dimensions of our vision, and represent these (with ideas of a tesseract and looking at interstellar). Creating nostalgia, or the illusion of it, further breaks this concept of time as a dimension within our minds.

Perception is a hard concept to grasp. Looking at this article about cuttlefish and the way they perceive their reality is really insightful. We regard perception in our way, and we believe every human may have slightly varying understandings of reality and their senses may work in altering ways. However we know birds have some form of magnetic sense and bats can see with echolocation or sound in the dark. This altered view of the world is so hard to comprehend through our eyes, and would shift the entire concept of nostalgia entirely. Going forward I want to look at perception in entirely different manners, possible looking at machine perception.

  • Perception through the eyes of different creatures because of varying senses.
  • Nostalgia in real and illusionary forms and personal connection.
  • Ways of representing and exploring machine / creates memory structure.
  • Make these ideas physical as a facet of reproduction out of digitality.
  • Negative spaces of these objects, reproducing the unseen sections.