02/12 – 08/12

Here I have filled and primed the 3D model of the uncanny valley model which came from my subconscious. I feel now that is has been further removed from digitality, it now feels even weirder. It is so physical, as opposed to digital or mental, that it feels as though it were something real. Perhaps I have uncovered the state of abstract sculpture. Where once brought into physicality, something which belongs in the mental realm becomes uncanny and fascinating due to appearing so out of place.

This is the nature of subversion. It constantly progresses anything which is brought within its space. This is the same as with the object generator using the visuals from a webcam feed I was exploring last week. I want to look at using the kinect within a similar setup and actually focusing on the depth of 3D space and how that itself can be controlled to produce the same uncanny intrigue. Using depth to reproduce is the same as everything else I have explored, but it pertains to physicality so much as digital space still heavily maintains a flat element, at least at this present moment in time. I guess this is the issue that I am actually grappling with. What makes an object relate to its particular dimension? How can this be subverted and how can these pre judgements and expectations be reduced or removed?